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I am often asked how I find time to write with 16 children. The answer is that writing keeps me grounded in my often chaotic surroundings and my experience inspires me to write about many topics. Thanks for visiting my website and hopefully you will be able to enjoy some of my books.

Over my lifetime, I have written many stories, articles, and books. In recent years, I have decided it was time to complete my unfinished works. Mentors told me to stick to one genre, but that simply is not how my brain is wired. I have always been curious about a broad range of topics and my mind constantly wanders. You can see from this blog that I write within many book genres that include fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and cookbooks. I also write for adult teens and children of all ages.

I have always loved to read and am passionate about poetry, my book themes, and almost all genres of books. My current goal as an author is to complete my next poetry book and my next novel. I am also a foodie that enjoys all aspects of cooking and that inspired my cookbook series. My children and foster children opened my eyes to the ongoing struggles in the foster system and the world of adoption. My own experience with foster care and adopting 11 wonderful children of different colors and 5 biological children inspired me to write books to help others in these areas. Also I love children’s literature and am a literacy and biliteracy advocate. That explains a bit about my inspiration for writing my books and why I write in so many genres. It is simply the way my brain is wired. That is the way I work.

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